We are a community of doers committed to create the future.


Our Purpose

is empowering extraordinary people to create the future

Our Vision

Becoming the global alliance of doers who 

will create the next version of the world

Our Mission

Awakening people to unlock their potential and do something with it by making everyone aware that they are extraordinary and providing them with the toolkit and the mindset to make an impact

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Purpose Challenges

We run Purpose Challenges focused on solving a global/regional issue.


These challenges are usually a 3-hour online session where participants from all around the world collaborate with other likeminded individuals to generate innovative ideas after having gone through specific training on the Purpose Launchpad methodology. Challenges are only the starting point to inspire and awake people, since early-stage ideas won't make a massive impact by themselves (but transformed participants will do).  


Challenges are rewarding, transforming and a learning experience for participants, plus they are always free of charge for them.

Purpose Alliance Community

After participating in a Purpose Challenge and signing the Purpose Alliance Manifesto, people can join the Purpose Alliance Community.


The Purpose Alliance community is a compound of purpose-driven doers who team up in order to keep building the different initiatives that come out of Purpose Challenges and/or other purpose-driven initiatives they may want to build. The community is quite diverse and, at the same time, everyone shares a similar type of energy and mindset.

Purpose Alliance Certifications

For those people who want to become excellent on innovation and boost their doer profile, Purpose Alliance has Certification Tracks for different types of goals and professional profiles.


We believe people who teach others should have extensive experience in what they teach, so Purpose Alliance has a network of Master Trainers (all of them with extensive and real experience on the topic they are focused on) who are the ones running the certification programs in a distributed way.  

Purpose Alliance Sustainability

Purpose Alliance is a not-for-profit organization that sustains itself by the revenues generated by issuing diplomas and certificates. 

Certification Programs have a cost associated to the value that the master trainer delivers to the people who participate in the program, plus a fixed $150 USD cost to issue the block-chain certification that is charged by Purpose Alliance in order to sustain the organization and being able to keep allocating resources to the different activities and areas that support the whole operations of this amazing community.


  • Purpose

  • Action

  • Diversity

  • Integrity

  • Respect

  • Transparency

  • Agility

  • Excellence

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Scally Tye




Francisco Palao

Founder & Doer

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Clarence Tan

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Andrea Llong

Operations Director

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Corina Almagro

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Sanjay Bhana

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Soledad Llorente

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Paco Briseño

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Edwin Moreno


Luis Marriott


Cristiane Madureira 

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Paola Hurtado

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Crystal To

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Eric Patel

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José Tam


Joaquin Gonzalez