Purpose Alliance Certifications

Q&A related to OpenExO Certifications

Disclaimer: This is an informative document. All information here is subject to change based on the experimentation approach we are using. To ensure you have the latest version, please always refer to the online version.


How can I leverage my current OpenExO certifications in Purpose Alliance?

The Exponential Certification certification has 3 distinguished parts: Knowledge, Experience and Accreditation.  To ensure collaboration across both entities, all ExO Consultants certified as such by OpenExO will only need to complete the Accreditation part, consisting of: 


  • Participation in a Purpose Challenge run by Purpose Alliance

  • Practice accreditation (this will be pre-approved) 

  • The Exponential Innovation final exam. All OpenExO certified Consultants will have one attempt for free. After that, the price will be $150 


If you decide to join our Exponential Innovator Certification Courses to get some extra practice, work with the new community, and enjoy the full Purpose Alliance experience, we will discount the exam fee. For our first edition, the discounted rate will be $299 for early bird and $349 after May 11th. We highly recommend this option if you want to potentially become a Master and create your own courses.



What are the main differences between the Exponential Innovator certification and the OpenExO Consultant Certification? 


Exponential Certification is intended for Doers, professionals of all kinds (entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, innovation leaders, business trainers, etc.) with a strong sense of purpose that want to have accreditation of their ExO knowledge, skills and mindset. OpenExO consultant, as its name says, is mainly focused on consultants.

Purpose Alliance accreditation provides credentials only to purpose-driven people, as participants need to be involved in at least one Purpose Challenge to solve humanity’s biggest problems. If you can think of other ways to ensure extraordinary people is on board, please let us know, we will be eager to know!

Purpose Alliance certifies participants’ expertise in a community-based approach. The instructor and colleagues will determine if the person understands how to apply the ExO knowledge into practice and give the Go to pass the final exam. 

Purpose Alliance certifications are obtained by passing a final exam with specific punctuation. This is our way to identify who excels and to foster opportunities for newly certified people, incentivizing new connections among community members.

Purpose Alliance certifications have three different levels, based on the level of expertise participants have acquired: basic, advanced and master level. This provides participants with a path to grow within the category.  

Purpose Alliance certifications are de-centralized. That means that you can sell and deliver your own certification programs. Once you are master, you can create and customize the certification course at your convenience and sell it to universities, incubators, companies, etc. So we make it really exponential. You would only need to pay a fee to Purpose Alliance for the exam.