Purpose Alliance Certification Course


The Exponential Innovator Certification Course is a fun and enjoyable process where exercises, discussions and training are an extraordinary opportunity to learn, laugh and practice your innovation skills and ExO mindset, while working with like-minded people.


Second edition of this course starts on March 2nd

(Spanish, online)

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Exponential Innovator Certification Course

The goal is to learn and get prepared together for the big challenges we are facing in this new era



​Test your abilities through Purpose Alliance’s examination process and gain  confidence to create a real impact in the world


​Get to know the new innovation methodologies and deep-dive into the ExO Model through the 3 ExO training modules


​Bring your own real case and put the knowledge into practice with the help of the instructor and your peers

Exponential Innovator Certification is a journey that combines training, collaboration, practice and real impact. 

Our course includes interactive workshops, experience sharing, case study applications and group endorsement. Because of this, each Exponential Innovator Certification is different as each person that wants to create the future is different!

Learn by doing 


-  70% co-creation & discussion

- 20% analysis & reflection

- 10% theory


22 hours of progress, collaboration, and learning 

Week 2

•Application of the ExO Attributes

•Exponential Technologies

Week 1

•Intros and projects

•New Innovation Methodologies

Week 3

•Exponential business models

•Edge and Core implications

Week 4

•Project  co-cpeersreation with

•Watercooler with instructor

Week 5

•Mentoring session with instructor

•Practice accreditation

This course is aimed at...





Innovation and business trainers.

For anyone who wants to learn more and evolve!

What we will achieve with the Exponential Innovator Certification Course


  • In-depth understanding of the Exponential Organization (ExO) Model to deal with current uncertainty and disruption.

  • Apply the ExO Attributes and the fundamental concepts of Exponentiality and Abundance to adapt our organization, idea or product / service.

  • Acquire new skills, knowledge and tools related to ExO to apply them in our work.

  • Harnessing the energy, spirit and knowledge of the Purpose Alliance community to promote change and adapt to the new era.. 


Certified Exponential Innovator Application

Fourth edition, starting on March 2nd

Standard Price

$699 USD

Apply now, start creating your future today!​​


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Master Instructor

Corina Almagro

Former HP Innovation Manager in Silicon Valley and with more than five years of ExO coaching experience for companies such as HP, Visa, Stanley Black & Decker, Bank Santander or Boston Scientific across Europe and the United States, Corina Almagro brings a deep understanding of the ExO Model and what are the keys to successfully implement it in an organization, product or service. Her five years of intrapreneurship experience in Silicon Valley made her a leading expert in Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile practices.

Officially certified as an Exponential Innovation Master, Corina collaborates with the world's leading business schools and universities as an advisor and professor in disruptive innovation and exponential technologies. Corina also has the OpenExO, SCRUM, Lean Change Management and Management 3.0 certifications.


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