COVID-19 has generated a massive level of attention that requires quick action using creative solutions that can be implemented globally in a fast way.

We believe in the power of people to change the world, so we are launching a non-for-profit and online initiative to put together amazing doers from all around the globe to overcome this challenge.

Also, we want to demonstrate that we can (and will) overcome many other challenges together in the future!


Global ExO Workshop

Inspired by the way that Exponential Organizations (ExO), such as Google, Airbnb or Netflix, run their organizations to scale in an exponential way, we will use ExO Methodologies in order to come up with highly scalable ExO initiatives.

On March 19th, we will run a 24-hour Global ExO Workshop with people (ExO Participants) all around the world in order to generate ExO Initiatives against the COVID-19 that could have a massive impact in a short period of time.

Also, we will leverage the power of Exponential Technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Internet of Things and 3D Printing, in order to use the latest progress of humanity for our own benefit.

After the Global ExO Workshop, the resulting ExO initiatives will be in an idea stage but may be developed and launched afterward with the support of our collaborators. Actually, the idea is not only thinking but also doing and making a real impact!


The Process


From March 23th

to March 26th

You can be part of this Global ExO Workshop against COVID-19 and make a positive impact in the world! We expect entrepreneurs, innovators and disruptive thinkers from all around the world joining as ExO Participant, but actually everybody can be an ExO Participant!


From March 27th

to March 28th

On March 17th, ExO Participants receive confirmation of selection, further instructions and a training pack on the COVID-19 and ExO Methodologies (training, if needed, may take around.2 hours of videos and lectures)

The Global ExO Workshop

March 30th

ExO Participants work with their teams during 150 minutes using an online system in order to generate awesome ExO Initiatives as follows:

  • ExO Initiative definition: Teams will spend 60 minutes together in order to define one ExO Initiative.

  • Feedback: Teams will present the ExO Initiative to certified ExO Coaches and will receive feedback for 20 minutes.

  • ExO Initiative improvement: Teams will spend 60 minutes improving their initiative and preparing it for the final presentation.

  • Final presentations: Teams will present their initiative for 10 minutes in order to receive final feedback and eventually be selected as one of the winning ExO Initiatives.


After March 30th

ExO Initiatives will be promoted broadly and may find sponsors to be developed and implemented as fast as possible.


We will publish the results here!



Organizers, Coaches and Disruptors

Paul Epping

Paul Epping (UAE) Organizer & ExO Coach

Francisco Palao

Francisco Palao (Spain) Organizer

Sahar Albaharna

Sahar Albaharna (Bahrain) ExO Coach

Soledad Llorente

Soledad Llorente (Spain) ExO Coach