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Join this Purpose Challenge and make an impact in the world and in your life!

November 20th



Why are we doing this?

There is a well-established scientific consensus that human activities are responsible for the increase in heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, causing average global temperatures to rise over time. This rise in temperature is changing global climate patterns and increasing the likelihood of weather-related natural disasters, affecting communities worldwide. Climate change has the potential to harm these current and future generations’ safety, public health, economy, and quality of life.

In December 2015, world leaders adopted the Paris Agreement, a global action plan to avoid catastrophic impacts of climate change, formalizing their concerted efforts to limit the global average temperature increase to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. The agreement urged national leaders to join forces with states and local governments to commit to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

But we’re late and we need to act as individuals and entrepreneurs, creating initiatives to fight climate change.


How will we do it?

Purpose Alliance is a non-for-profit entity focused on empowering extraordinary people to create the future.


One of the main activities of Purpose Alliance is running Purpose Challenges where both individuals and existing startups participate to either generate new ideas or evolve existing solutions in order to make a masive impact in a specific area (in this case, The Future of the Planet and Life !).

Purpose Challenges have the following phases:

  1. Application: People and startups apply to participate in the challenge. Also, mentors, partners and investors apply to get involved in this amazing process and support the participants to generate and/or evolve their initiatives.  

  2. Training and keynotes: Upon enrollment, all participants receive free training on the Purpose Launchpad agile framework. In addition, there will be a week of inspiring lectures (delivered by subject matter experts) to provide participants with ideas and new insights on the subject.

  3. Challenge Day: Individual participants are grouped into teams (if not registered as part of the team) and work during a 3 hour session in order to generate disruptive ideas to have a massive impact in the Purpose Challenge area, using the Purpose Launchpad agile framework and supported by Purpose Launchpad certified mentors. Additionally, startups spend the 3-hour breakout session analyzing and developing their current solution with the support of an official Launchpad Mentor.

  4. Purpose Evolver:   A number of initiatives and new startups will be selected to join the Purpose Evolver program, where certified Purpose Launchpad mentors will work with teams and new startups for another month after the Purpose Challenge to evolve their initiatives and maximize impact.

  5. Evolution presentations: Teams and startups will present their initiatives and their evolution to the Purpose Alliance community to find new entrepreneurs and purpose-driven investors who are willing to support the evolution of the initiatives.

Purpose Launchpad, an open agile framework to make a massive impact

Purpose Launchpad is focused on generating and evolving early-stage ideas into purpose-driven organizations to make a massive impact.

In order to generate disruptive ideas and/or evolve exiting solutions to tackle this global challenge, we will use the Purpose Launchpad, which is an agile framework to either generate and/or evolve early-stage ideas into purpose-driven, sustainable, and eventually exponential organizations that will make a massive impact.

Purpose Launchpad includes eight different axes with the areas that innovative initiatives need to properly assess and evolve in order to successfully make a massive impact. These areas are purpose, people, customer, abundance, sustainability, process, product and metrics.

Also, in order to continuously evolve the previously mentioned areas, the Purpose Launchpad agile framework uses dozens of proven and open innovation frameworks, processes and tools such as Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Agile, Exponential Organizations, etc.

Participating in a Purpose Challenge, learning (with free training and real experience) the Purpose Launchpad agile framework and working with a certified mentor is a prize in itself!

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What will you achive?

Participating in this Purpose Challenge may change the world, and your life!

  • Get to know extraordinary people

  • Training in the Purpose Launchpad agile framework.

  • Mentoring during and after the Purpose Challenge

  • Receive a blockchain-based diploma of participation

  • Find purpose-driven doers to help with your project

  • Find purpose-driven investors to fund your project

  • Make an impact in the world!

Purpose Challenge
Future of the Planet & Life
November 20th, 2021

Process & key dates

Application and Training

Until the 9th of november

You can be part of the next Challenge to Create the Future of the Planet & Life and have a positive impact on the world! We look forward to the participation of entrepreneurs, innovators, disruptive thinkers, and anyone who wants to contribute ideas to create the Future of the Planet & Life!

Training & Keynotes

From November 15th  to 19th

From the moment of registration, participants receive a training package (free) on the Purpose Launchpad agile framework. The completion of the training is not only a great gift for all participants, it is also mandatory to participate in the Challenge.

Additionally, participants will have access to a series of keynote addresses that will inspire them with extraordinary ideas ahead of the Challenge.

Challenge day

November 20th

Participants will work with their teams for 3 hours using the Purpose Launchpad agile framework and with the guidance of certified mentors to generate new disruptive ideas and / or evolve their existing solutions to achieve massive impact.


November 21st

We will have an open closing session to present and launch all the initiatives from teams and startups that were generated or improved during the Challenge.

Additionally, all teams and startups will be able to join Purpose Evolver to enlist the support of certified Purpose Launchpad mentors to develop their initiatives for massive impact with the support of the community, investors, and more.

Apply as an individual

You can apply as an individual to be assigned to a team that will be created with people who did not know each other before, so you will have the opportunity to meet extraordinary people like you! The teams will be focused on generating new ideas to achieve the purpose of this Challenge. Additionally, after the Purpose Challenge event, teams will also have the opportunity to further develop their ideas in Purpose Evolver.


Apply as a startup

You can apply as a startup to be mentored by an extraordinary Purpose Launchpad Mentor and evolve your project during the Purpose Challenge for massive impact. After the Purpose Challenge, startups will have the opportunity to further develop their ideas in Purpose Evolver.



If you are a certified Purpose Launchpad Mentor, you can apply as a mentor for the Purpose Challenge in order to help teams to either generate new initiatives or evolve existing startups in order to make an impact.

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Provide support to the Purpose Challenge to make an impact

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Organizers, mentors and advisors

Nancy Stortoni (Organizer)

Nancy Stortoni (Organizer)

Renzo Pellandini (Organizer)

Renzo Pellandini (Organizer)

Ella Orozco (Organizer)

Ella Orozco (Organizer)

Paco Briseño (Organizer)

Paco Briseño (Organizer)