AUGUST 6th, 2020

Spend 180 minutes in an online workshop to ideate new initiatives in a life-changing experience

Deadline to join July 26nd



On August 6th, we will carry out a Purpose Challenge with the aim of creating the future of work in Pakistan, for this we will define exponential initiatives using state-of-the-art innovation methodologies.

Inspired by the way Exponential Organizations (ExO), such as Google, Airbnb or Netflix, manage their organizations to scale exponentially, we will use ExO Methodologies to define purpose-oriented initiatives that are highly scalable and can positively impact the world.

Furthermore, we will harness the power of Exponential Technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Big Data, Internet of Things or 3D Printing, to use humanity's latest progress for our own benefit.

After the Purpose Challenge, the resulting initiatives will be in an idea stage, but can be further developed and launched with the support of our partners. Actually, the idea is not just thinking but also doing, and having a real impact!

The Process


Until July 26nd

You can be part of the next Purpose Challenge Pakistan and have a positive impact on the world! We look forward to the participation of entrepreneurs, innovators, disruptive thinkers and anyone who wants to contribute ideas to create the future of work in Middlel East.

Home and training

From July 30nd to August 6th

On July 30nd there will be an online welcome session. At that time, participants receive a training package (free of charge) on innovation methodologies in general and on the ExO model in particular. Conducting the training is not only a great gift for all participants, it is also mandatory to participate in the Purpose Challenge on August 6th.

Purpose Challenge (online)

August 6th

Participants work with their teams during 180 minutes using an online system in order to generate awesome exponential initiatives as follows:

  • Initiative Definition: Teams will spend 60 minutes defining one or more exponential initiatives.

  • Comments: Teams will present the initiative to their mentors and receive feedback for improvement.

  • Initiative Improvement: Teams will spend 60 minutes improving their initiative and preparing it for the final presentation.

  • Final Presentations: Teams will present their initiative to receive final feedback from international advisors.

Closing and Launching

August 7th

On August 7th we will have the closing session, where we will provide additional resources and guidance to participants about how to develop further their initiatives.

Participating in this Purpose Challenge may change your life

✔️  Get to know extraordinary people

✔️  Training on innovation methodologies


✔️  Coaching during the online workshop


✔️  Coaching after the workshop to develop the new initiatives


✔️  Make an impact in the world!

✔️ Get a blockchain-based diploma of participation

Become extraordinary!

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