How everything started...

History of Purpose Alliance

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Actually, everything started due to COVID-19. On March 12nd Francisco Palao (the founder of Purpose Alliance) got a message saying that the keynote (about Purpose) he was going to give on March 19th in Asunción (Paraguay) got cancelled. 

After this, Francisco, who is not only a speaker but also a doer, thought he should do something around this global issue and launched the first Global Challenge to help with the COVID-19 on March 19th (instead of the keynote he was going to give), offering free training on innovation methodologies to anyone who joined and spends 3 hours generating innovative solutions. Andrea Llong and Scally Tye helped Francisco from the very beginning with this crazy idea.

The result of this first COVID-19 Global Challenge was a huge success. In only one week more than 350 people joined in order to come up with solutions for this massive problem and more than 20 solutions were generated.

After this, there were many enquiries from purpose-driven leaders around the world to run local Challenges to help with COVID-19 in their countries. This series of Challenges was amazing and happened in a voluntary way. 

Thanks to everyone who joined these calls, it inspired us to create Purpose Alliance to integrate and facilitate everything that is happening thanks to the super community. 

We kept launching many other series of challenges, such as the “Future of Work” Purpose Challenge Series, and many more purpose-driven leaders are singing up to keep running challenges locally. 

We are a community of doers who care about our present and future, we believe in empowered people changing the world.