Launchpad Mentor Certification

For Purpose Launchpad Contributors

​Purpose Launchpad is a meta-methodology focused on evolving early-stage ideas and startups into purpose-driven and exponential organizations.

During the last phase of development of the Purpose Launchpad, a number of contributors provided feedback to the methodology, and we wanted to offer something special to them.

Official Purpose Launchpad contributors are not (by default) Certified Purpose Launchpad Mentors, since they may only have provided input to a specific area and/or not have full knowledge of the whole methodology.

Also, one of the Purpose Alliance certifications' values is excellence, so all our certification programs include a combination of knowledge (linked to the above), accreditation, and practice with a real case. Therefore, all certified Launchpad Mentors will need to demonstrate excellence in these three areas in order to get the official certificate.

As recognition for Purpose Launchpad Contributors, we want to provide them with two special paths to get certified as a Launchpad Mentor:

  • Recommended path: To do the standard Launchpad Mentor Certification Program with a special price for contributors ($750 USD discount over the standard price of the course). This is our recommended path since the program is designed to provide you with an extraordinary learning and evolution experience. You will get an excellent level of knowledge of the methodology and the right mindset to become a real master of it. Also, during the program, we will talk about different approaches and strategies to make a business out of this. If you want to go through this path, apply to the standard program (and we will apply the discount to you once you do the final payment): Apply here!

  • Validation pathTo get a free attempt to do the knowledge test and, if you pass it, to join the second edition of the program (December 2020) for the practice phase. In this case, you will have a free test attempt on the Purpose Launchpad Methodology and will have to join the second phase of the program to complete the practice with a real case. You will miss the training and accreditation experience, which may provide you with a great knowledge of the methodologies and mindset to pass the practice phase, which will still have a cost of $1,500 USD (half of the standard price).

  • The free attempt to do the knowledge test will be on July 10th and the content of the test will be around the Purpose Launchpad Methodology Guide and the different methodologies, frameworks, and tools that compound the Purpose Launchpad.


  • Applications for the Validation Path closed on July 8th