Exponential Innovator Certification

Validation Path for OpenExO Certified Consultants & Coaches

Purpose Alliance wants to provide with the opportunity to get the Exponential Innovator Certification for those OpenExO community members who already hold a certification that implies similar level of knowledge in the ExO Model (although, the Exponential Innovator certification includes other methodologies besides ExO).


In order to do this, Purpose Alliance will provide with an attempt (with no cost) for OpenExO Consultants/Coaches to get the Exponential Innovator Certification (basic level) by doing the following steps:

1) Applying by June 28th, so we can check whether you qualify or not. Apply today! 

2) Doing the test on June 30th (either at 10:00am CET or at 20:00pm CET), so we can check whether you have the right level of knowledge, not only about ExO, but about the rest of innovation methodologies that the Exponential Innovator includes, You can check the full Exponential Innovator certification program in the following links: English or Spanish.

3) Submitting a 1-page paper by July 3rd, describing your experience in a real project applying these innovation methodologies (Design Thinking, Lean Startup and ExO related methodologies). Remember that the Purpose Alliance approach for certificates is based on making a real impact, so you will have to demonstrate you already did it.

This is a one-time-only opportunity for OpenExO certified members to validate their knowledge and expertise with Purpose Alliance and get the corresponding accreditation.


After June 28th, OpenExO certified members would need to follow the standard procedure to get the Exponential Innovator Certification by Purpose Alliance and the $100 waved fee applicable to the Exponential Innovator Certification Course will be discontinued.