4th Edition, from May 10th to July 30th, 2021

 An official certification program of


Francisco Palao is committed to helping innovation enthusiasts to master the Purpose Launchpad, which is the most comprehensive innovation methodology ever, in order to become extraordinary mentors for entrepreneurs and corporates who want to make a massive impact.

 What's Purpose Launchpad?

Purpose Launchpad is an innovation methodology that helps startups and corporates to generate and evolve existing

early-stage initiatives into purpose-driven organizations

to make a massive impact.

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  • The purpose of Purpose Launchpad is to empower extraordinary people to create the future. 

  • Purpose Launchpad is focused on evolving early-stage ideas and startups into purpose-driven and exponential organizations.

  • Purpose Launchpad Mentors help entrepreneurs and corporate to make a massive impact.

  • Certified Purpose Launchpad Mentors will:

  • Get a deep knowledge of the Purpose Launchpad itself

  • Get a deep knowledge of all the methodologies that Purpose Launchpad implement (Design Thinking, Customer Development, Lean Startup, Business Model Generation, Innovation Accounting, Exponential Organizations, ExO Canvas, MTP Canvas, etc.)

  • Get experience implementing the Purpose Launchpad

  • Get experience mentoring with the Purpose Launchpad

  • Get the right mindset to become a purpose-driven leader (and help others to do the same)

  • Learn how to be a mentor to entrepreneurs and corporations.

  • Learn how to make a business around Purpose Launchpad

  • The possibility to join Purpose Evolver (, focused on helping extraordinary startups and entrepreneurs to evolve their projects, as a Purpose Launchpad Mentor
  • The possibility to join Purpose Services (

Why become a Certified

Purpose Launchpad Mentor?

Net Promoter Score - NPS of 100%

All participants highly recommend the program

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"This certification program is unlike any other I've taken: it was a journey into an abundance of subject areas while practicing our mentoring skills with an early-stage startup. The 3-month program not only will challenge you but will develop your competencies with the Purpose Launchpad methodology and make you a better mentor." 

Eric Patel, Chief Innovation Officer at BostonExO

"After 3 intensive months working with Francisco Palao I learned so many things. Actually, Purpose Launchpad is the most complete methodology I know so far, Also, I connected with a community of like-minded people and we started a new startup with other team members of my class. " 

Crystal To, Co-founder of Planet Pilot


"The Purpose Launchpad Mentor Certification Program gives you the ability to understand entrepreneurial patterns and develop clarity to innovate in purpose-driven organizations across gradients of possibility outside, through, and beyond different business development dimensions to create exponential impact." 

Jose Tam, Vice President Digital Transformation Softtek

"The program has helped me to learn even more about the different innovation methodologies and to combine them all. It has also helped me to know in what phase the projects are and, from there, to know what mindset to apply. And finally, it has been wonderful to do the program directly with Francisco Palao, as well as to share the experience with amazing colleages." 

Paola Hurtado, Head of Strategic Projects at Universal DX SL

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"The Purpose Launchpad Mentor Certification Program helps you to learn how to integrate in an exponential way methodologies, timing and people. It's essencial if you want to achieve a true innovation." 

Joaquín González del Pino, CEO at GFS Consulting Group

"I decided to do the program as an entrepreneur in order to find out what I could improve in my projects, I realized that I was making many mistakes and I learned what I should do to be successful. I am fascinated with the result, I totally recommend it. " 

Carolina Marcone, Co-Founder at Talento Unico

Suman Sasmal - Suman Sasmal.jpg

"I proved it right. You learn by doing and excel by failing. I failed twice in my life. Once in Mathematics 40+ years ago, in school. I have been brilliant at Maths ever since. And now in this program. I know already, it works! " 

Suman Sasmal, Resident Mentor, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

"As one of the contributors of the Purpose Launchpad methodology, I didn’t want to have just a high-level understanding of it. So I applied to the program, I was lucky enough to be selected for the first cohort and in my class we had people from the United States, Canada, Brazil, Italy, India, South Africa, Spain and Vietnam. The program itself was very well structured with theory, case studies and also a real project to mentor receiving direct feedback from Francisco about everything we did.

The program exceeded my expectations." 

Cristiane Madureira, Co-founder of FCJ Venture Builder


"Purpose Launchpad evolves initiatives and people's mindset. Being part of the Purpose Launchpad Mentor certification program changes your perspective of the world " 

Luis Marriott, Ecuador & Panamá Entrepreneurship and Innovation Alliance

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The 4 Phases of the Certification Program

Participants will spend 1-2 hours per day learning, implementing and mentoring with

Purpose Launchpad with the continuous support of Francisco Palao


Learn about all innovation methodologies and tools

included in Purpose Launchpad


Participants will apply the Purpose Launchpad (as team members) using the same initiative

mentor a real project

Participants will apply the Purpose Launchpad (as mentors) using a real initiative they bring


Final debrief about key topics, such as business development and model for Purpose Launchpad

What content does the 

Purpose Launchpad Mentor Certification Program include?

The Purpose Launchpad Mentor certification program, which is probably one of  the most comprehensive innovation course there is, includes:

  • Purpose Launchpad principles

  • Purpose Launchpad processes

  • Purpose Launchpad artifacts

  • Purpose Launchpad mentoring

  • Purpose Launchpad business model

  • Massive Transformative Purpose Design

  • MTP Canvas

  • Design Thinking

  • Empathy Map Canvas

  • Customer Development

  • Value Proposition Canvas

  • Cashflow management

  • Business Model Canvas

  • Lean Canvas

  • Exponential Organizations

  • ExO Canvas

  • Agile frameworks

  • Innovation accounting

  • And more...

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This course is aimed at...



Startups advisors 

Corporate consultants





For anyone who wants to make an impact!


Certification Program Cost

This 3-month program is aimed to provide you with a huge amount of knowledge and an extraordinary experience to become a top-notch mentor for entrepreneurs and corporates that will make an impact.

Francisco Palao will be personally committed to providing you with close support during the

whole program to ensure you make the most of out it.

Certified Launchpad Mentor Application

4rd Edition: From May 10th to July 30th, 2021

There will be a rigorous selection process to select the first group of Certified Launchpad Mentors: ​

  • Application fee of $500 USD (will be fully reimbursed in case of not-selection)

  • Interview with Francisco Palao​ (to check best candidates)

  • Only 10 participants per group (English/Spanish)

  • Applications will close when groups are full


Thanks for your application! We will contact you shortly.


For your security, all orders are

processed on a secured server.

Program Cost

$3,000 USD

Extraordinary Boarding Pass

$2,700 USD


Master Instructor

Francisco Palao

Francisco Palao is an award-winning innovator who has inspired and advised organizations around the world to design and implement innovation strategies.  Francisco is the main designer of the Purpose Launchpad methodology and the ExO Sprint. Also, Francisco has published the books ‘Exponential Transformation’ and 'Massive Transformative Purpose'. 


Francisco is the Founder of Purpose Alliance, a global community focused on empowering extraordinary people to create the future.

Previously, Francisco co-founded with Salim Ismail ExO Works (where he acted as CEO from idea-stage to profitability), which has successfully implemented transformation projects for organizations around the world (Visa, Black and Decker, HP, etc.), and was a founding member, CEO and Vice Chairman of OpenExO, a Global Transformation Ecosystem focused on supporting organizations, institutions, and people to transform themselves for the industry disruption.

In addition, Francisco has founded (and acted as CEO) several companies including LeanMonitor, a cloud-based platform acquired by in 2014. LeanMonitor was focused on helping large organizations and startups implement lean startup principles and improve their innovation strategies. Francisco also founded Nativoo, an AI-based platform for personalized tourism, acquired by SBTUR in 2012, and IActive, a high-tech company focused on AI, named Cool Vendor by Gartner in 2012.  The first Internet startup that Francisco ran was called BuscarAmigos.Com and he co-founded it in 2001 and was acquired in 2004.

Francisco has extensive experience teaching about innovation and entrepreneurship in prestigious business schools and universities, such as IE Business School and Singularity University.

Francisco has been honored with several prestigious international recognitions and was granted the TR35 award by MIT, honoring the Top Innovators under 35.

Francisco holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Granada, and an Executive MBA from the IE Business School. He is also a graduate student of Singularity University and worked with Steve Blank on Lean Startup at Berkley University.


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