Give up dreaming and do it

Autor: Felipe Valdebenito (Purpose Launchpad Mentor)

“Man is so made that when anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish”

Jean de la Fontaine

Probably you already took part in some Purpose Alliance Challenge. This is how my adventure began, trying to improve the future of work.

I joined the challenge with the expectation of meeting people with similar interests, new tools and methodologies of innovation. However, once it was over, I was excited to meet Doers: empowered people like you, who are making a massive impact on the world, with zero impossibilities, a vision and clarity that inspires. Extraordinary people, members of an emerging community who want to make a positive impact on the world.

The three hours dedicated to the challenge I focused on solving a global problem, ignited my soul and encouraged me to continue learning to contribute to a better world and support others to do so as well.

I understood the importance of purpose in organizations and people; the North Star that expresses why we exist, what defines us and how we work.

When we venture out, we often encounter obstacles; having a purpose helps us to overcome them.

This discovery mixed with my curiosity for exponential technologies and passion for building our future, motivated me to be part of the first edition of Purpose Launchpad Mentor.

“Pain is temporary quitting is forever”

Lance armstrong

I hesitated to apply for the Purpose Launchpad Mentor program; today knowing the value provided, the dedication of Francisco Palao along with the commitment of my peers, I would be feeling very bad if I had not taken the opportunity.

Because most regrets come from the things we don't do:

What would have happened if I had done ...? and if I had studied ...?

If it's about following your passion, the best investment you can make is to make the effort to fulfill your dreams.

What surprised me most about the Purpose Launchpad Mentor?

Purpose Launchpad” goes beyond bringing together methodologies and best practices, it changes your thinking to redefine and co-create our future.

It focuses on organizational and individual learning.

It is designed for doers, not dreamers.

¿How would you describe in one sentence Purpose Launchpad?

Purpose Launchpad is the magic. Not a magic formula!

What is Purpose Launchpad for?

To evolve your idea or startup into a purpose-oriented and/or exponential organization.

¿What is Purpose Launchpad?

An open meta-methodology / mindset that helps entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes to develop purposeful and eventually exponential organizations to create a massive impact on the world

People: Here we develop the internet team and connect with relevant communities to facilitate the development of our purpose and business, applying processes like Design Thinking and tools like the Empathy Map Canvas.

  • Customer: Here we incorporate techniques such as Customer Development to discover the type of customers we will serve and the needs they have.

  • Abundance: We apply different ExO attributes to properly connect and manage abundance in order to fit in today’s world and, eventually, become an Exponential Organization.

  • Viability: We ensure that we can develop a sustainable business model and, at the same time, define and implement the right funding approach.

  • Product: We need to develop products in an iterative way, starting with tools like Value Proposition Canvas and developing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

  • Metrics: There's no point in taking action if we don’t measure and learn. We will implement different approaches like Innovation Accounting.

Now that you know the magic, stop dreaming about it and create your Exponential and/or Purpose-Oriented Organization.

At Purpose Alliance we are here to help you make a massive impact!


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