People with Purpose

Autor: Carmen Lam (Purpose Launchpad Mentor)

The latest buzz in the business community is on sustainability, COVID survival, social good, future-readiness and creating a better community. Almost overnight, ‘impact’ consultants are promoting workshops and training programs to accelerate the business with purpose movement. It is ironic that some institutions are even offering incentives and awards for enterprises to incorporate purpose into their businesses.

Businesses are made up of people. Businesses with purpose do not exist unless there are individuals with purpose who understand the ‘business’ of purpose. Individuals’ values need to be incorporated into the businesses they help to form, create or support to make a real impact. People are the real forces and sustainable drivers of purpose.

It is important to align organizational values and individual values for changes to be effective and lasting. This point was highlighted by Frank Quante during our Purpose Launchpad Mentor certification program led by Francisco Palao Reinés. It brought home to me why some movements have the potential to take off so easily while others stutter and fail.

We should start with people and their values first to develop businesses with purpose. #purpose #leadership #culture #people #future #driven #success


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