Purpose driven Ecosystem

Autor: Pankaj Sarda (Purpose Launchpad Mentor)

We humans think of future & evolve to take care of physical, emotional, financial & social needs.

However, without clear, fulfilling & holistic purpose; we, as individuals, groups & organizations:

I) Remain stuck with random incidents, current conditions & role driven perspectives.

II) Get daunted by scarcity, dependencies, uncertainties & complex linkages.

III) Become reactive & stressed when unforeseen (like recent pandemic) happens.

IV) Experience monotony, complacence, distraction, dilemma or depression.

V) Feel vulnerable if we are not prepared for disruptive change (like in technology).

I found an evolving solution when I attended a 12-week mentoring program by Purpose Alliance with a Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) of ‘Empowering extraordinary people to create future’.

Francisco Palao; the founder of Purpose Alliance & Purpose Launchpad Mentor Master inspired us to.

1) Define Massive Transformative Purpose which

a) Develops clarity, strong intent & mind maps.

b) Encourages consistent actions in the direction.

c) Co-creates impact.

d) Shapes future.

2) Leverage inner strengths by

a) Values of co-operation, democratization, innovation & commitment

b) Discovering lifetime passion by connecting to a) childhood dream; b) story of life changing experiences & c) emotions linked thereto (like ‘what we enjoyed to learn & why’; ‘what we loved to do & why’ & ‘what others loved about us & why’).

c) Discovering superpower (which people in Japan call as Ikigai) to a) push limits; b) tap potential; c) be open to leverage feedback; d) evolve mindset; e) channel attention, time, energy, learning, skills & resources & f) find a way around when we face wall.

3) Find purpose-solution fit by

a) Empathy with what people think, feel, say, do & need.

b) Ideating.

c) Exploring for solutions; d) experimenting & then e) co-creating impact.

4) Discover early adopters who will benefit from solutions, interact with them to get their feedback & pivot to find all potential beneficiaries.

5) Develop solution- market fit by building, testing, learning & iterating the offer.

6) Develop Sustainable Business Model which taps abundance through

a) Exponential technologies.

b) Collective strength of communities (with shared values & diverse perspectives).

c) Talent (with shared passion & complementary strengths).

d) Underused resources available on demand.

7) Define innovation metrics which consider promotion by satisfied & loyal beneficiaries.


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