The Certification Journey to Be a Purpose Launchpad Mentor

Autor: Fernando De los Rios (Purpose Launchpad Mentor)

In early 2020, with the certification of ExO Sprint Coach under my arm, I had the opportunity to participate in the Challenges that Purpose Alliance was beginning to launch, with the story told to us by Francisco Palao in blogs about how he started this great movement. In the first Challenge I participated I learned a lot, especially realizing everything I needed to learn and practice. I am grateful to the team of that first Challenge that allowed me to mentor them; I did not know which scenario I was going to face, I was in the initial phase of Exploration. I think that's what best expresses that phase of learning, moving from theory to practice.

Thus, I was able to participate in other Challenges always organized by Purpose Alliance, and I was gathering tools and learning a lot from the participants, mentors, disruptors and organizers, experiences that were improving with each edition of the Challenges. I was accumulating "flight hours" or, as we sailors say, "sailed miles", and increasingly knowing the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the region, and why not, in the world, after many years of having been mainly in the "corporate" environment in which the rules are somehow already established.

This does not mean that I have participated in intra-ventures, since almost my entire career I have developed it alongside technology, since electronics was the "father" of computing, and that over the years computing grew so much that electronics became an enabler to exploit all the power that information technology offers us today, and that it is increasing impressively, with the variety of disruptive technologies that we see around us.

Returning to ours, in April of this year we were already maturing with a couple of friends the implementation of a company that helps entrepreneurs to be successful, and we founded Eureka Latam Innovation & Sustainability, to help entrepreneurs "take your idea to a responsible and sustainable business model", understood as sustainable the preservation of the planet. We understood that in order to provide our services it was necessary to develop our own methodology that, with experimentation, we would iterate to know which tool to use at each stage of the project: Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Value Proposition Canvas, ExO Canvas, Business Model Canvas, MVP, among the main ones.

Months pass; we had already started operations, we had 2 "pilot" projects and Francisco had moved on with the community's participation in the development of ExO Launchpad that would later come to light as Purpose Launchpad, and it is because it is much more powerful than just ExO and could not and should not be confused but have its own personality, as those of us who have been able to participate in this Certification process have witnesses. And when Francisco informs the Purpose Alliance Community that he would open up the possibility of following the certification course at Purpose Launchpad, reviewing the content I was convinced that it was "the wheel we wanted to invent" in Eureka, and I was not wrong.

It will be 3 months since we started this journey masterfully led by Francis, along with 7 other extraordinary navigators who wanted to perform this synglate to learn, learn and learn, from this new meta-methodology, from the teachings of our Master Mentor and from the experiences of our fellow pilgrims.

I must say that it is a journey like no other, where we were not sure where these waters would take us but sure that when we reached destination we would be satisfied with all the advanced, and is that when we arrive at the end of this Certification process, the journey is just beginning, because we come to port with the experiences of this rich navigation only to depart immediately to other destinations with everything learned and knowledgeable that there are other extraordinary purposeful Purpose Launchpad navigators that we can count on and who we can rely on when we sail through stormy seas, who with their wisdom will be able to advise us what maneuvers to do to weather the storms presented to us, but sure that with all this teaching , and with the practice that makes the master, we will know how to get to good port and we will accumulate "sailed miles" to lead to other ships with the firm rudder in creaking.

I have no doubt that this trip leaves us many teachings and tools that will help us to be successful in Eureka Latam.

This voyage is led by our skipper Francisco Palao, and the crew is composed of Beatriz Hernández, Ana Simon, Leslie Cortés, Alvaro Espuny, Senén Porcar, Gilberto Grajales, Manel Fernández and a humble servant.

¡Bravo Zulú! ¡Well done ¡


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