The Power of Purpose

Autor: Ella Orozco (Purpose Launchpad Mentor)

This is one of my favorites topics in life because it took me a while to discover a purpose, until I decided (thanks to my lovely husband that insisted everyday) to make everything a purpose and working with the awareness of the positive impact that my actions can create in the world. So I started to think that I can be part of the movement and make a difference in the world.

I thought sometimes that how an individual can change the world by him/herself and thought no, it is not possible, but step by step I realized that every single action count and the butterfly effect is real and we all can make a difference just being aware of our own actions and how we behave and most importantly what drives everyone.

In my journey finding a purpose, I started to see things differently when I decide what to do and the kind of work I would like to do, so indeed I make my choices and with them I make a difference, I only go for what it is aligned to my principles and purpose in life. So, I decided that being aware of the challenges in the world, my own challenges, most common challenges in people and if I take the global sustainable development goals I get ideas how my company and companies that I work for can make a difference and really contribute to them by making a massive positive impact.

When talking about purpose in an individual is what drives people and for companies is the reason why they exist and how they want to contribute to the world. I have worked in the corporate world for nearly 20 years and unfortunately not all the companies that I worked for really had a purpose, a massive transformative purpose that make them thrive and stay relevant and true to themselves.

About four years ago I started to think more about purpose, why I was doing what I was doing, I got some clues by putting together the stories and feelings that light me up and make me feel proud and happy. So, I continue working with passion and vigilant on the kind of activities that excited me the most to do it more frequently and develop strategies and business models aligned to a purpose.

I just finished a mentoring programe with Purpose Alliance on the methodology Purpose LaunchPad and that was the click in my heart that really gave me the idea how exactly I can start making a difference and help others to make a difference. This methodology create a mindset of the explorer, creator and perpetual learner. It was an eye-opener that put things together, all what I have learned about innovation, digital disruption, strategies, tools, methods and the difference it makes by working with purpose, to know how to use the tools and experience in the best possible way to make a positive impact. As it combines tools, but it is not the tools themselves, it is how you use them and when you use them, and the mindset!

The right mindset, base on purpose, that you apply to help organisations and individuals to become purpose driven and create massive positive impact. When you learn you evolve, and you focus on purpose over problems, on problems over solutions and exploration over optimisation. The methodology is designed in a way that involves all the aspect of an organisation based on 8 axes that are necessary to grow, evolve and become exponential. Each of the axes gives you the ideas on what to do in each stages of an organisation, how to connect them, learn from the outcomes and define steps to get the initiatives to the next level of growth while creating a massive impact.

Purpose LaunchPad is inclusive and invites to have a team and a community/ecosystem to evolve and grow together. The methodology helps you find other people that it is purpose-driven and working as community gives you leverage and certainty to work and focus on the things that really matters, which is having a purpose (the reason why we exist and why an organisation exist), being aware of the challenges and then find a solution for them. When you apply purpose, you keep the meaning and keeps alive the massive impact that this methodology wants to create.

The mindset creates habits of working with purpose and infuse purpose in all the areas of a business and the way of doing things, in that way it creates a new way of working and thinking as an open-minded explorer. In the process, it helps to evolve and learn quickly as it is designed to explore, learn, fail faster (when needed), and continue evolving. The great thing is that you only build was you have explored and validated, keeping the purpose and real problems/challenges on top, and not based on what you think people/world would need or based on market research, it teaches you and gives you the ideas on how a problem/challenge can be solved based on the purpose and how an organisation can make it a business while contributing to the world.

The connection to abundance is embedded in all the aspects and break the paradigm of linearity and scarcity to create massive and exponential impact based on a massive transformative purpose. The transformation is based on creating value, and the way to identify the value required, it is knowing your customers and their challenges, being aware of the challenges in the world and learn and work focused to solve them or mitigate them.

Without a purpose there is no inspiration of why you do what you do. Purpose gives you the motivation to create and achieve a massive purpose you dream of and create the sense of fulfilment in life.

Building a mindset is a journey and it is a process to make it part your own DNA and any organisation’s DNA on how to define and keep living and working with purpose and make it the centre of any strategy and source of inspiration to solve the problems and challenges that world is facing.

And you, are you ready to make a massive impact? Let's get together and create the world we want to live in!


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