Validate experience and get feedback!

Get feedback from  Advanced Purpose Launchpad mentors about your mentoring sessions using Purpose Launchpad

Purpose Launchpad Experience Accreditation

  • Accreditable experience: A Purpose Launchpad mentoring session.

  • Evaluation approach: Two certified Advanced Launchpad Mentors will evaluate your Purpose Launchpad mentoring session watching the recording and reading a report about it.

  • Impact accreditation criteria: To get an evaluation higher than 9 out of 10 from the two certified Advanced Purpose Launchpad Mentors who will analyze your mentoring session.

  • Timing: You will get the result of your experience accreditation within 10 days after submission.

  • Cost: 150€ EUR + Taxes (based on European Union regulations)



Purpose Alliance is a not-for-profit organization focused on inspiring people to unlock their potential by making everyone aware they are extraordinary and providing them 
with the mindset and toolkit to make an impact.

Also, we are open to any kind of suggestion to keep evolving and improving Purpose Alliance.

Either you have any suggestions or requests for us, please let us know!


We run online Purpose Challenges focused on generating exponential solutions to global problems. After it, we publish all the information related to the generated solutions in order to allow anyone to collaborate and/or get inspiration from the exponential initiatives generated by the global community of doers!

Precio del Programa

 $3,000 USD