The Purpose Launchpad Investor certification program is aimed to provide you with techniques to help improve investment evaluations in startups and innovative initiatives while having real experience applying Purpose Launchpad to your portfolio with the support of Purpose Launchpad Mentors (master level) that will help you to assess your initiatives and evolve them to reduce risk and make a massive impact.  

The first edition starts in early 2022

 Why Impact Investing?


We have many options when it comes to investing giving the same risk return profile. Why don't we invest in projects that are purposeful and progress humanity if given the choice with same risk-return profile?

Two of the major factors for investment evaluation should be the why and obviosly the who that will be spearheading the initiative. For example, impact-driven entrepreneurs (such as Elon Musk) are much more likely to succeed than others because they have a Massive Transformative Purpose, which is an unstoppable source of energy that will allow them to make a massive impact while making a great business.

As Peter Diamandis says: "The world's biggest problems are the world's biggest market opportunities".


 Why Purpose Launchpad?


Purpose Launchpad is an innovation meta-methodology and a mindset that helps people to generate and evolve existing early-stage initiatives into purpose-driven organizations to make a massive impact.

Going through the Purpose Launchpad Investor Certification Program will provide you with great ways to better assess new investments, to evaluate and help your current portfolio in order to reduce risks and to make a massive impact in the world.

The 3 Phases of the Certification Program
During four weeks, participants will spend an average of 1 hour per day learning and implementing Purpose Launchpad in real projects with the support of Purpose Launchpad Mentors.


Learn about Purpose Launchpad and impact investing, from our core faculty who will share with you their experience and knowledge for you to understand the key concepts.


Apply all your previously acquired knowledge in a your own initiatives and/or portfolio with the help of a certified Purpose Launchpad Mentor (master level).


There will be a final phase to prove your new knowledge, experience, and mindset to invest in order to make a massive impact.


What will you get out of the Purpose Launchpad Investor certification program?

The Purpose Launchpad Investor certification program will bring you through a comprehensive overview of the Purpose Launchpad methodology and mindset to evolve initiatives to make a massive impact.

Also, you will learn from successful impact investors about the key concepts, techniques and their own experience on impact investing .

In terms of content, it includes:

  • Massive Transformative Purpose Design

  • Purpose Launchpad key principles

  • Purpose Launchpad key tools

  • Purpose Launchpad phases 

  • Investment approaches 

  • Innovation accounting

  • Impact investment principles

  • Impact investment success stories 

In terms of experience, you will get suggested activities to practice each of the different concepts. Also, you will have the opportunity to get the support of a certified Purpose Launchpad Mentor (master level) who will guide you during the program on how to evolve your projects to make a massive impact.

Also, you will get access to the following:

  • Life-time-access to all the content of the certification program.

  • Purpose Launchpad investor toolkit, where you will find useful templates and documents.

  • Purpose Alliance Community.

  • Purpose Alliance marketplace, as an investor.

  • Participate in Purpose Challenges, as an advisor.

  • Purpose Evolver, in order to get to know impact-driven initiatives as an investor.

  • EPIC network of investors.

Key benefits you will get

  • Understanding why purpose-driven projects are a better investment

  • Identifying the right mindset of entrepreneurs/innovators to make an impact

  • Learning how to help entrepreneurs/innovators to get the right mindset

  • Understanding the real evolution phase startups are

  • Understanding how to invest in startups according to its real phase

  • Invest in Purpose Evolver startups with the help of Purpose Launchpad Mentors

  • Bring your own startups to Purpose Evolver and find other investors

  • Make a real impact in your portfolio during the certification program

This course is aimed at...

Any investor or person interested to become one who wants to understand how to implement Purpose Launchpad to decrease risk and to select and evaluate the right initiatives to make profit and positive impact at the same time

  • Business Angels

  • Venture Capitalist​s

  • Innovation portfolio managers

  • Chief Financial Officers


Extraordinary impact investors a will share his great knowledge and extensive experience with you

Clarence Tan.jpg

Clarence Tan, PhD

Dr Clarence Tan is a recognized and successful 20year+ angel investor, CEO of Exponential Positive Impact Capital (EPIC) and a serial entrepreneur.

Clarence is also a certified Purpose Launchpad Mentor.


Francisco Palao, PhD

Francisco Palao is a recognized and successful 20year+ serial entrepreneur and innovator, Founder of Purpose Alliance and Purpose Evolver.

Francisco is the main creator of the Purpose Launchpad methodolgoy.

Purpose Launchpad Master Trainers
Extraordinary Purpose Launchpad Mentors (master level) will mentor initiatives from your own portfolio

Jose Tam.jpg

Jose Tam

Michael smits.jpg

Michael Smits

Corina Almagro.jpg

Corina Almagro

Sanjay Bhana.jpg

Sanjay Bahna

Paco Briseño.jpeg

Paco Briseño

Senén Porcar.jpeg

Senén Porcar

Manel Fernandez.jpg

Manel Fernandez


Fernando de los Ríos

Luis Marriott_edited.jpg

Luis Marriott

Paola Hurtado.jpeg

Paola Hurtado

Foto Joaquín recortado (1).jpg

Joaquín González

Beatriz Romanos.png

Beatriz Romanos


Certification Program Application

The Purpose Launchpad Investor program will be launched in early 2022!

We are currently accepting applications and running interviews in order to have a selected group of 10 early adopters who will become the very first edition of Purpose Launchpad Investors and will shape the future of an extraordinary community of impact-driven investors.

Program Cost

 2.000 € EUR

Early Adopters

 1.500 € EUR

Application Fee

 500 € EUR

The application fee will be fully reimbursed in case of not selection

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Thanks for being extraordinary!